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Code of Research Ethics

Article 1(Aim) The present regulations aim to regulate matters relating to the organization and the operation of the Research Ethics Committee(hereinafter called "the Committee") to eradicate and prevent fraudulent acts of researchers in research activities of the Daesoon Academy of Sciences(hereinafter called "the Academy").

Article 2(Organization)
(1) The Committee shall be organized of a minimum of five(5) academics with corresponding capacity to the chief editor and editorial committee members.
(2) The chairperson shall be recommended by the Committee and appointed by the director.
(3) The term of office for the chairperson and Committee members shall be two(2) years and they may serve consecutive terms.

Article 3(Operation)
(1) The Committee shall be convened by the chief editor when requested by the director or when the chief editor believes a meeting is required.
(2) The Committee shall retain independence in regards to its operation and activities.
(3) The Committee shall open and vote by a majority of those present at the meeting.
(4) Committee members related with the paper for review are not permitted to participate in the reviewing process.
(5) The chairperson may request the researcher to submit or report materials required for review.
(6) The Committee may invite experts as advisory members for the paper review.
(7) Members must comply with confidentiality regarding review matters.

Article 4(Function) The Committee shall review the following items.
(1) Review the ethical validity of the submitted paper upon confirmation of its publication.
(2) Review the permissible range of researches out of the submitted papers that may exercise a serious ethical or societal influence and matters relating to the range
(3) Review matters relating to the issue of research ethicality and veracity raised in link with academic researches
(4) Review important matters relating to other researches on Daesoon Thought

Article 5(Target Group) The present regulations shall be applied to the contributors who contributed to the Academy journal or other academic publications and the speakers of the academic event organized by the Academy.

Article 6(Concept) Fraudulent acts of a researcher includes the following actions.
(1) Forgery : The act of creating false materials or research results that do not exist
(2) Falsification : The act of distorting research details or results by manipulating the research or modifying and deleting data arbitrarily.
(3) Plagiarism : The act of plagiarizing the idea, research details and results of others without their approval or citation.
(4) Duplicate submission, printing and dual publication : The act of submitting a paper that has been already printed or published or publishing the entire or a part of the research in the same or a different language without accurate quotation or reference.
(5) Improper Authorship : The act of not listing a person, who academically made contribution to the research and its results, as an author without reasonable reasons or listing a person who academically did not make any contribution to the research as an author of the research
(6) Other Fraudulent Acts : The act of intentionally interrupting the investigation on fraudulent acts or inflicting an injury on the informant or the act of breaking the permissible research bounds of common sense in the academia.
(7) Illicit Use of Research Funds : The illegal act of using research funds in an unjustifiable way.

Article 7(Sanctions)
(1) The Committee may request editing or supplementation of the paper in order to dispel any misunderstanding even if the relevant paper is not judged fraudulent.
(2) In case a fraudulent act has been conducted, the Committee shall impose sanctions, as stated below, against the researcher who was voted as a fraudulent performer based on the weight of the issue.
① Ban paper submission for a maximum of five(5) years
② Notify the Academy homepage and journal of plagiarism
③ Delete the relevant paper from the online database
④ Notify the relevant organization of the academic misconduct

Article 8(Supplementary Provisions)
(1) The present regulations shall be implemented from March 1, 2013.
(2) The revised regulations shall be implemented from September 1, 2016.
(3) Matters unspecified in the present regulations shall follow the decision made by the Research Ethics Committee.

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Copyright Agreement

1. The author(s) shall verify that the paper is academically original and does not infringe on privacy or copyright of other researchers.
2. The author(s) has made actual contribution to this paper and shall be fully responsibility for the contents of the manuscript.
3. The author(s) shall verify that the paper has not been published in other journals in the past with the purpose of submitting or planning to submit for publication.
4. The author(s) agrees to the rights of copyright transfer for this paper and shall transfer the exertion of authority of copyright and digital copyright to the Daesoon Academy of Sciences if this paper shall be published in the Collected Treatises of Daesoon Thought. However, this paper shall be cited if a part of the paper is used by the author(s) for other research material.
5. The author(s) shall entrust the corresponding author with the authority of transferring the copyright of this paper and shall be empowered with such rights based on which the corresponding author shall verify the copyright transfer on behalf of the author(s).

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