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The following Personal Processing Policy aims for the protection of the rights and interests of users and their personal information and for the smooth adjustment of user grievance based on the Personal Information Protection Act of the Daesoon Academy of Sciences(hereinafter referred to as "the Academy"), Daejin University.
All personal information handled by the Academy are collected, stored and processed by relevant laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act and any revisions made to the Personal Information Policy shall be notified online(or individually).

Article 1 Purposes of Personal Information Processing

The Academy uses personal information of users to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes. Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the following Purposes of Use and will obtain consent if the information is to be used for other purposes.

1. Homepage Membership & Administration
- Verification of intention to become a member, certification of personal identification by membership service provision, membership status maintenance and administration, prevention of service abuse, confirmation of legal guardian approval for collecting the personal information of users under 14 years of age, various notifications, grievance adjustment, dispute settlement, etc.

2. Civil Affairs Administration
- Process personal information for the purposes of verifying the identification of the appealing person, confirmation of complaint details, notification of fact investigation and process results.

3. Goods & Service
- Process personal information for the purposes of research funding and examination funding, g oods delivery and the provision of service, contents and custom service.

4. Statistical Data
- Process personal information to apply for NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea) listing.

5. Academic & Research Development Duties
- Process personal information for the purposes of publishing 『Collected Treatises of Daesoon Thought』, supporting academic activities and cultivating research professionals.

Article 2 Collection of Personal Information

The Academy collects personal information for homepage membership, online paper submission and examination system use and applications of research plan for Collected Treatises of Daesoon Thought󰡕 based on the items and method specified below.

1. Homepage Membership 가. Compulsory
- Name, organization, major, address, contact, e-mail
나. Optional : None

2. Online Paper Submission & Use of the Examination System
가. Compulsory
- Name(Korean, English), organization, address, contact, e-mail
나. Optional : None

3. Application of Research Plan for『Collected Treatises of Daesoon Thought』
가. Compulsory : Researcher Resume
- Name, DOB, department, position, major, address, contact, e-mail, educational background, career background, research achievements
나. Optional : None

4. Method of Collection
가. Individual Collection : Collection through individual application from users
나. System Collection : Collection through the DAOS homepage

5. Restriction by Refusal of Personal Information Provision
- Users have the right to disagree to the collection of personal information. In this case, users will not be able to become a member of the Academy homepage and will not be able to use services of online paper submission and examination of the 󰡔Collected Treatises of Daesoon Thought󰡕 and may be restricted of research fee and examination fee payments.

Article 3 Personal Information Processing & Storage Period

User information will be stored and used for the period specified below. Personal information will be deleted according to the deletion procedures after verification of identification if the relevant user requests for the deletion of information during the storage period.
Storage Period Personal Information
Until membership withdrawal ■ Homepage Member Information
Semi-permanent ■ Use of Online Paper Submission & Examination System Information
Three(3) years after research end-point ■ Research Plans for『Collected Treatises of Daesoon Thought』

Article 4 Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

As a rule, the Academy shall process the personal information of users within the range specified in Article 1(Purposes of Personal Information Processing) and it shall not be processed out of the acceptable range or provided to a third party without the prior consent of the relevant user(s) except where:
1. the relevant user has approved of the disclosure or provision
2. such disclosure or provision is required by special rules of laws
3. it is necessary to protect the user or the third party’s life, health or property in case there is difficulty in obtaining the consent of the relevant user or his/her legal guardian
4. the personal information is required for purposes of statistics or academic research and is to be disclosed in a way so that the user cannot be identified by the third party based on the disclosed information
5. the personal information is required for legal matters under jurisdiction and thus the matter of disclosure has been deliberated on or voted for by the Personal Information Protection Committee
6. the personal information is required by a foreign government or an international organization for the conclusion of agreements or treaties
7. the personal information is required for crime investigation, prosecution or sustainment of a prosecution
8. the personal information is required for court trials
9. the personal information is required for the sentencing, custody and protective disposition
10. personal information is provided to the third party to the extent necessary to achieve the Purpose of Use.

Article 5 Entrustment of Personal Information Processing

The Academy separately manages details on matters relating to the purposes and scope of entrustment and the assurance of personal information safety, matters relating to supervision duties such as the inspection of current management of personal information possessed for entrustment, matters relating to the consequences of breaching consignment obligations and trustees who are commissioned to take the responsibility of personal information processing and entrustment.
Entrustment Purpose Trustee Entrustment Period
Homepage Maintenance & Paper Examination System Management KISS
(Korean Studies Information)
Until the end of consignment contract

Article 6 User Rights and Obligations

1. Users have the right to exercise the following rights any time but the right to request for information access or unsubscription may be restricted by Clause 5 of Article 35 and Clause 2 of Article 37 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
가. Request for Access to Personal Information
나. Request for correction of errors, etc.
다. Request for deletion
라. Request for unsubscription
2. Users may exercise rights specified in Clause 1 by visiting the Academyto verify their identification and request by the set procedures(Internal Management Plan for Personal Information Protection, Daejin University).

Article 7 Disposal of Personal Information

As a rule, the Academy will dispose of all personal information according to the internal policies and relevant laws after a certain period or without delay once the purpose of personal information processing is met. The procedure and method of disposal are as follows:

1. Procedure
- Personal information shall be disposed of immediately or after transferring to a separate space and saving for a certain period of time according to internal policies and relevant laws. Personal information transferred to a separate space shall not be used for any other purpose than the cases under the law.

가. Personal Information Entered to become a Homepage Member
- All information will be deleted simultaneously with membership withdrawal.
나. Online Paper Submission & Use of the Examination System
- Information will be semi-permanently stored in a separate space.
다. Application for Research Plan on 󰡔Collected Treatises of Daesoon Thought󰡕
- Information will be destroyed two(2) times a year(in the last week of June and in the last week of December) within 3 years from the research end-point.

3. Method
- Personal information in electronic files will be destroyed by technical methods to prevent the restoration of deleted files. Personal information on paper will be destroyed by grinding or incineration.

Article 8 Personal Information Safety Assurance

The Academy akes technical/managerial and physical measures that are required for assurance of safety based on Article 29(Safety Obligations) of the Personal Information Protection Act.
1. Staff Training & Minimum Staffing : Staff who process personal information will be granted with certain rights. The number of such staff is kept to a minimum and these staff will receive regular training on personal information processing.
2. Access Authority Management : The authority of access to the personal information system is managed by immediate processing of granting, changing and cancelling access authority of IDs.
3. Restriction of Access : Access to the personal information system is restricted by the firewall system.
4. Log History : The history of personal information system logs is stored and managed for a minimum of six(6) months.
5. Security Program Installation & Regular Inspection : To prevent personal information leakage and loss by hacking or viruses, a security program is installed and daily inspections are performed.
6. Restriction of Unauthorized Access : A physical space for personal information storage shall be separately installed. The Academy will control access to the data processing room, restrict access to servers during maintenance and manage the security pledge.
7. Encryption : Personal information is safely saved and managed through encryption.

Article 9 DAOS Personal Information Protection Manager

The Academy assigned personal information protection managers to protect personal information and process relevant complaints.
- Personal Information Protection Manager : Secretary General, DAOS
- Person in Charge of Personal Information : Assistant Administrator, DAOS Secretariat
- Contact : 031-539-2526, daos@daejin.ac.kr

Article 10 Remedy for Infringement on Rights & Interests of Personal Information

Principals of personal information may apply for dispute settlement or consultation to the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee, Korea Internet & Security Agency’s Complaint Center for Infringement of Personal Information in order to receive relief for infringement of personal information.
1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee: 02-405-5150(www.kopico.or.kr)
2. Complaint Ctr. for Infringement of Personal Information : 118 (privacy.kisa.or.kr)
3. Cyber Crime Investigation Department, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office : 02-3480-3571(cybercid@spo.go.kr)
4. Cyber Terror Response Center, the National Police Agency : 1566-0112(www.netan.go.kr)

Article 11 Modifications to the Personal Information Policy

The Personal Information Policy shall take effect from September 1, 2016 and any matter unspecified in the policy shall abide by the Personal Information Policy and the Personal Information Policy Protection Plan of Daejin University.