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General Rules

Article 1(Name) The Academy shall be called the Daesoon Academy of Sciences affiliated with Daejin University(hereinafter called“the Academy”).

Article 2 The DAOS aims to promote and realize the foundation goal of Daejin University which is to train creative individuals who will contribute to the development of the country and the human society with faithfulness, piety and conviction based on the Korean ideology of education and the principle of resolution of grievances for mutual beneficence (Haewon-sangsaeng) through academic researches, educational activities and moral character cultivation based on Daesoon Thought.

Article 3(Location) The Academy is located in Daejin University(hereinafter called "the school”).

Article 4(Project) The Academy shall perform the following projects in order to accomplish purposes of the Academy stated in Article 2.
(1) Publish journals and other academic materials
(2) Hold academic conferences and forum
(3) Perform and support educational activities of cultivating professors, researches and virtue
(4) Exchange and cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and institutes
(5) Perform other projects as part of achieving the goals of the Academy■ Top


Article 5(Organization) The Academy shall consist of the following organizations. The Academy is organized as the following:
(1) director
(2) Steering Committee
(3) Committee
(4) Secretariat

Article 6(Officials) The Academy shall appoint officials as the following:
(1) One(1) director
(2) One(1) or more honorary director(s)
(3) Five(5) to ten(10) operating members
(4) One(1) secretary-general

Article 7(Appointment, duties, term of office)
(1) The director shall represent the Academy and administer operational matters Appointed by the recommendation of the Steering Committee, the director shall represent the Academy and manage administration. The term of service shall be in accordance with the appointment period and the director shall be recommended by the Steering Committee.
(2) The honorary director shall have served as the Academy director or contributed significantly to the development of the Academy. Recommended by the Steering Committee and selected by the director, the honorary director shall participate in Academy activities as a member of the Steering Committee.
(3) Members of the Steering Committee shall be appointed by the director after due deliberation. The term of service is 2 years and each member shall be a full-time faculty of our school or a staff member of Daesoon Jinrihoe.
(4)The director shall appoint a secretary-general who shall report to the director and perform various duties on the operation of the Academy. The term of office is 2 years.
(5) If necessary, an assistant director may be appointed by the director.

Article 8(Steering Committee)
(1) The Steering Committee shall be organized of five(5) to ten(10) members and it shall be chaired by the director.
(2) The Steering Committee shall review the following matters .
① Academy development plan
② Revision & Enactment of Regulations
③ Matters relating to budget and settlement
④ Recommendation of a director
⑤ Details acknowledging the need for other chairmen
(3) The chairperson shall summon the committee, write up the meeting minutes and receive the signature of participating members.
(4) The committee shall open when 2/3 of the committee members are present and decide on issues by a majority of those present.
(5) The Steering Committee may have an assistant administrator who shall be appointed by a director to assist the director and the secretary-general.

Article 9(Committee)
(1) The Academy may install committees that are necessary for Academy affairs.
(2) Each committee may set detailed rules with the deliberation and approval of the Steering Committee.

Article 10(Secretariat)
(1) The secretariat shall be organized of a secretary-general and an assistant administrator and may appoint an office assistant.
(2) The secretariat shall be responsible for general duties relating to Academy businesses.

Article 11(Researcher, research assistant, office assistant)
(1) The director of the Academy may appoint a researcher, a research assistant and an office assistant with the recommendation of the Steering Committee, if required.
(2) The researcher shall be a full-time faculty or have an academic capacity equal to that of the faculty and be responsible for academic works, researches and educational affairs.
(3) The researcher shall be responsible for general duties relating to researches and editing.
(4) The office assistant shall be responsible for general office work of the Academy.  ■ Top


Article 12(Finance) The finance of the Academy shall be appropriated by the following source:
(1) Revenues accruing from research and service projects
(2) Donations and contributions made by external personnel and groups
(3) Academy budget
(4) Support fund from Daesoon Jinrihoe
(5) Other revenue

Article 13(Accounting)
(1) The Academy shall be responsible for the budget compilation and settlement and the School shall be responsible for budget accounting matters.
(2) The fiscal year of the Academy is equivalent to that of the School.

Article 14(Budget*Settlement)
(1) Before the opening of each fiscal year, the director shall prepare a project plan and budgetary documents for the following year and have the documents approved by the Planning Department(기획처).
(2) Matters relating to the budget, settlement, revenue, expense and accounting of the Academy shall be audited every year by the Planning Department. ■ Top

Other Regulations

Article 15 (Detailed Rules for Operation) Detailed rules required for the operation of the Academy shall be determined by the director.

Supplementary Provisions

1. (Date of Enforcement) The present regulations shall be implemented from March 1, 2013.
Supplementary Provisions
2. (Date of Enforcement) The changed regulations shall be implemented from January 1, 2017. ■ Top